Reuben - Living in Wellington, eathquakes fucking suck

In honor of the two conflicting holidays

there’s drunk people in my house. i said i was going to the pub, but I  can’t find my wallet. They all think i’m at the pub now but i never went cause i can’t find my wallet hahaha

do you ever think that the pics taken of you at parties and stuff will ever be shown to your kids and they’ll look all vintagey? cause like i’ve seen pictures in photos at parties and shit i reckon they would be. the future is a cray thing

I washed and hung out clothes on the line, because it’s the been the one sunny day this week, asking flatmates to take it, as well as THEIRS off the line at a reasonable time cause I had work

fast forward to 6pm, it started raining.

I get home from work to ask whether the stuff was taken off the line and find out that it’s actually fucking saturated, with my flatmates explaining ‘the rain came from nowhere’

YOU FUCKING DRUGGOS GODDAM. rain comes from the fucking sky, when it rains and you have washing on the line, you fucking hustle nigga, you fucking hustle. fucking aye i’m angry


Henri Matisse.

Detroit parking garage transformed into street art gallery for The Z Project. Photo by Sal Rodriguez

why’s it so hard to find someone who wants to do nothing but watch movies, talk complete shit and eat hella good food

why man